Yes 90125 by Marcello Cicchini

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Yes 90125 by Marcello Cicchini


90125 is the eleventh studio album from the english progressive rock band yes, released in 1983 on atco records.
90125 was yes’ first studio album after their 1981 breakup and the first to feature trevor rabin.
The album also marked the return of vocalist jon anderson (who had quit the band prior to their tenth studio album of 1980) and the first time in twelve years that original keyboardist tony kaye had appeared with the group.
The album was titled after its atco records catalogue number (for example, 7-90125-1 for the lp).
This new incarnation of yes came about by circumstance rather than design. In 1980, members jon anderson (vocalist) and rick wakeman (keyboardist) had left the band, replaced by trevor horn and geoff downesrespectively. The new line-up was short-lived: after an album (drama) and tour, they disbanded in december 1980. Bassist chris squire and drummer alan white continued to work together, including on the aborted xyzproject and released a christmas-themed single run with the fox as a duo in 1981.
Guitarist trevor rabin had left south africa in the late 1970s and had released a series of solo albums. There had been various attempts to place rabin in a band, including a proposed quartet with rick wakeman, john wetton and carl palmer in 1980 and a proposed trio with keith emerson and jack bruce. Rabin tried out in asia, alongside wetton, palmer and former yes members steve howe and geoff downes. However, he had also been put in touch with squire and white and this was to be his path instead.


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